Norman McBeath

Norman McBeath is a photographer and printmaker. The National Portrait Galleries in London and Edinburgh have over seventy of his portraits in their collections.

Portraits held in the National Portrait Gallery, London can be seen here.

P E R D E N D O S I (work-in-progress)
Perdendosi is a new body of work and a collaboration with Edmund de Waal, artist, master potter and author.

The title is a musical term meaning to gradually die away. I have produced a set of twelve black and white photographs - a study of leaves at the held, drawn-out stage of their metamorphosis when they are poised on the cusp of decay and eventual disintegration.

Edmund de Waal has written a text, Twelve Leaves, offering his own train of thought and associations stimulated by living with these photographs. He describes this as both autobiography and a journal of reading. In this personal, oblique and moving text he draws from poets including Proust, Goethe and Celan in exploring his own emotional response.

The photographs and text will form a limited edition boxed set, to be published soon.


Perdendosi 1 detail